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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Choosing and Customizing Themes

A big part of creating a DVD involves choosing which menu theme you want. iDVD includes menu themes for many types of occasions and subjects: weddings, parties, vacations, kids, and more. Many of these themes have motion menus containing beautiful animations and background music.

In iDVD, all themes are designed for widescreen presentation. Although iDVD can’t yet burn high-definition discs, you can take advantage of the more cinematic 16:9 aspect ratio if you shot widescreen video. You can also create your project in the older 4:3 aspect ratio, if that better suits your movie formats and TV set.

Your design options don’t end once you’ve chosen a theme. Many of iDVD’s themes provide drop zones, special areas of the menu background into which you can drag photos or movies. Drop zones make it easy to customize a theme with your own imagery.

Most drop zones have special effects that iDVD applies to the photos or movies that you add to them. For example, the Reflection White theme puts your imagery in a set of 3D panels that glide like a moving art gallery. The Road Trip theme puts your imagery in a scrapbook—and if you look closely, you’ll see that the pages cast shadows on each other.

Most themes provide “dynamic” drop zones that move around the screen. And as the following pages describe, you have more options for managing the contents of drop zones.

Choosing a Theme

Step 1

If the list of themes isn’t visible, click the Themes button.

Step 2

Choose the theme you want by clicking it.

Adding Items to a Drop Zone

iDVD provides several ways to add items to drop zones. Here’s the technique you’re likely to use most often. For details on more drop zone techniques, see the following pages.

Step 1

Click the Media button. Then, to access photos in your iPhoto library, click the Photos button. To access movies, click Movies.

Step 2

In the photo or movie media browser, select the item or items you want to add. You can select multiple photos or an entire album. If you add multiple photos to a drop zone, iDVD displays them successively as the menu is displayed. You can add up to 99 items to a drop zone.

Step 3

Step 4

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