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From the author of Reason 4: Hanging Characters

Reason 4: Hanging Characters

Customers used to clamor for this feature: the ability to "hang" punctuation such as quotation marks and commas slightly outside the text margins, creating a smoother look (see Figure 7). Users employed endless workarounds involving tabs, indent-here characters, special kinds of spaces, and more; if the text changed afterward, you'd have to start over, carefully re-creating the effect. In QuarkXPress 8, you can achieve this result through a simple paragraph attribute. Select the paragraphs and choose Style > Formats. From the Hanging Character Set menu, choose Hanging Punctuation.

Figure 7 In this example, the quotation marks hang slightly outside the margins of the justified text.

The feature is actually far more sophisticated than it seems, offering the ability to create your own sets of hanging characters—you can specify which characters hang and by how much. But one look at the crazily complicated interface for that option (Edit > Hanging Characters), and you're likely to conclude that the default Hanging Character Set will do just fine, thank you.

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