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Using emacs Menus to Spell-Check

Spell-checking is good. Learning to use emacs menus is good. And in emacs, learning to spell-check also allows you to familiarize yourself with emacs menus. Use f10.jpg, then a key letter of each menu, menu item, and submenu as needed to navigate through the menus. (You'll see hints and prompts at the bottom of the screen, as shown in Figure 4.19.) Follow along to use the menus to spell-check your file.

Figure 4.19

Figure 4.19 Navigating emacs menus isn't exactly intuitive, but it's straightforward after you get started.

To use emacs menus to spell-check:

  1. emacs hairyspiders

    For starters, fire up emacs and a specific file.

  2. Press f10.jpg to access the menus.
  3. t

    Next, type the first letter of the menu you want—this example uses t for Tools for now.

  4. 0

    Try 0 (zero) for spell-checking.

  5. Press enter.jpg and enjoy your spell-check.
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