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Starting pico and Dabbling with It

You can start and dabble with pico using the following steps. Notice that the pico interface is intuitive and easy to navigate in, as shown in Figure 4.4.

Figure 4.4

Figure 4.4 pico offers an intuitive interface for editing text.

To start pico and dabble with it:

  1. pico

    To begin, type pico at the shell prompt. The program starts up and you'll see something like Figure 4.4, with the text area up at the top of the window and the command hints down at the bottom.

    If you know the name of the file you want to edit, type pico at the shell prompt followed by the path and name of the file you want to edit (hairyspiders, for example).

  2. hairyspiders

    Go ahead. Type something—anything—just to try it out.

    • Use del.jpg and baclspace.jpg to help edit text.
    • Use the arrow keys to move up, down, right, or left.
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