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Checking Spelling in pico

Another handy thing you can do in pico is chek yoor speling, as shown in Figures 4.7 and 4.8.

Figure 4.7

Figure 4.7 pico prompts you to correct the spelling of misspelled words.

Figure 4.8

Figure 4.8 pico informs you when the procedure is complete.

To spell-check in pico:

  1. pico hairyspiders

    At the shell prompt, type pico and the filename of the file to edit.

  2. ctrl-t.jpg

    Pressing these keys starts spell-checking the file. pico will stop at each misspelled word (Figure 4.7).

  3. correctspelling

    Type in the correct spelling for any words flagged as misspelled, or press enter.jpg to accept the current spelling and move along to the next word.

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