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Step 3: Creating a Clean Background and Cleaning the Scene

This type of effect works by having a "clean" or empty background on which a mask is placed in order to create the illusion of an object appearing or disappearing. There are many ways of creating a clean background, but in this example you'll use the Freeze Frame function. Once that's completed, you'll clean the scene by deleting all material prior to the placement of the glass.

Task: Create a clean background and clean the scene by using the following steps:

  1. Return the Current Timeline Indicator (CTI) to the start of the Timeline by pressing the Page Up key on your keyboard. At this point in the Timeline, only the reference point for the replicator should be visible. The actor and the glass should not yet be in shot.
  2. Click the Freeze Frame button under the Preview panel to open the Freeze Frame panel; then click the Export button (see Figure 9).
  3. Call the file clean.bmp and save it to a local hard drive. On saving, the file should appear in the Project view (see Figure 10). Close the Freeze Frame window by clicking the Close (X) button in the upper-right corner.
  4. Move the CTI to a place after the actor has placed the drink on the replicator, but before the actor has placed his order for drinks (see Figure 11).
  5. Click the Split Clip button below the Monitor window or press Ctrl-K on your keyboard to split the clip at this point (see Figure 12).
  6. Select the left-hand clip by clicking it; then remove it from the Timeline by pressing the Delete button on your keyboard. The clip should disappear from the Timeline, and the right-hand clip should scroll to the left and finish at the start of the Timeline (see Figure 13).
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