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Step 5: Creating a Fading Mask

The Timeline is ready for the final steps to create the materializing glass or cup. In this section, you'll add the clean.bmp file you created earlier, and then use a garbage matte and the Opacity effect to help create the Replicator effect.

Task: Create a fading mask by following these steps:

  1. If it isn't already displayed, click the Edit tab to display the Edit Workspace, and then click the Project button to display the Media view.
  2. Drag the clean.bmp file from the Media view and drop it at the Mask track on the Timeline. Position the head of the clip (the start) at the start of the Timeline (see Figure 15).
  3. Drag the tail of the clean.bmp clip up the Timeline until it's in line with the second marker (see Figure 16).
  4. If it isn't already displayed, click the Edit tab to display the Edit Workspace, and then click the Effects button to display the Effects view.
  5. In the Effects text box, type Garbage to display the various garbage matte effects (see Figure 17).
  6. Drag the Eight-Point Garbage Matte effect from the Effects view and drop it onto the clean.bmp clip on the Mask track (see Figure 18).
  7. Make sure that the CTI is over the clean.bmp clip. Click the clean.bmp clip to select it, and then click the Properties button to open the Properties view (see Figure 19).
  8. In the Properties view, click the Eight-Point Garbage Matte text to show all eight handles in the Monitor panel (see Figure 20).
  9. Move the handles of the Eight-Point Garbage Matte until they surround the cup or glass (see Figure 22). Avoid taking the mask too close to the object, or you'll end up clipping it and creating an unrealistic look.
  10. Make sure that the CTI is at the first marker. Dial open the Opacity parameters and switch on keyframes for this effect by clicking the Toggle Animation button (see Figure 23). Make sure that Opacity is set to 100 at this keyframe.
  11. Move the CTI to the second marker by holding down Ctrl and pressing the right-arrow key. Decrease the Opacity to 0% by double-clicking inside the value amount and pressing 0 on the number pad, or by using the slider (see Figure 24).
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