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Working with layer groups

During the course of correcting an image, you may use multiple adjustment layers to address different tonal and color problems. If you nest all the adjustment layers in a group, the Layers panel will be better organized, plus you’ll have the option to add a layer mask that applies to all the layers in the group.

To create a layer group:

As we showed you on page 101, you can limit which areas of the image an individual fill or adjustment layer affects by editing its mask. Now that you have created a layer group of adjustment layers, you can create (and edit) a layer mask specifically for that group.

To create a layer mask for a layer group:

  1. Do either of the following:
    • Create a selection on an image layer.
    • To load a selection that you’ve already saved, Ctrl-click/Cmd-click the alpha channel on the Channels panel.
  2. On the Layers panel, click the adjustment group, then click the Add Layer Mask button. layer-mask-btn.jpg A mask thumbnail will appear on the group layer.
  3. Optional: Edit the layer mask, such as by applying a gradient or by applying strokes with the Brush tool.C
    • Although each adjustment layer in a group has its own layer mask, the mask effect may be limited by any dark areas that are added to the group mask.
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