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Applying content-aware scaling

The Content-Aware Scale feature is smart enough to resize parts of a photo that it deems to be neutral, or of lesser importance, without distorting key areas, such as figures, buildings, or prominent objects. It comes in handy if you want to change the proportions of a photo to fit a specific layout or to improve the overall composition.

To apply content-aware scaling:star.jpg

  1. Open a photo.A Press Ctrl-J/Cmd-J to duplicate the Background. Leave the duplicate layer selected and hide the Background.
  2. Choose Edit > Content-Aware Scale (Ctrl-Alt-Shift-C/Cmd-Option-Shift-C).
  3. Drag a center handle on the bounding border. Nonessential areas are scaled first.B If you keep dragging, eventually more essential areas are also scaled; if this occurs, drag back in the opposite direction.
  4. To accept the scaling, double-click the image or press Enter/Return (AC, next page). Or to cancel it, press Esc.
    • To protect an area from scaling, select it, choose Select > Save Selection, click OK, then deselect. Choose Edit > Content-Aware Scale, then choose Alpha 1 from the Protect menu on the Options bar.
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