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Filming Tips

This effect is filmed in two stages. First, the "hologram" material needs to be shot. In this example, the hologram material is filmed in an exterior setting (see Figure 1). Second, the "audience" shot should take place in an interior location, in this case an ordinary living room (see Figure 2).

These two action sequences will be joined together using the magic of Premiere Elements 7, but if you want to enhance the visual illusion of this effect, it's a good idea to get the audience actor to react to what's supposed to be happening in the hologram. For example, the actor may laugh at what he sees in the hologram. Making this look realistic will require plenty of forethought and a well-timed script.

The Audience sequence should also contain a short section in which the actor activates the hologram via voice command ("Holo-Projector on") or via a keypad prop, as well as a short section (toward the end of the clip) in which the actor "deactivates" the hologram.

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