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Step 4: Resizing the Hologram Clip and Adding the 'Old Film' Effect

As it stands now, playing back the Timeline will display the Hologram clip for the majority of the time. This happens because the Audience clip is hidden beneath it. This problem is easily solved by reducing the size of the Hologram clip and then moving it into position—this is also known as creating a Picture-in-Picture (PiP). You'll finish this section by adding the Old Film effect to the Hologram clip to give it a grainy TV look.

Task: To resize the Hologram clip and create a PiP, do the following:

  1. Make sure the CTI is at the start of the Hologram clip. Then click the Hologram clip on the Hologram Timeline track to select it.
  2. Open the Properties panel for this clip by clicking the Properties button (see Figure 11).
  3. Dial open the Motion parameters by clicking the small triangle, and then alter the Scale and Position settings until the Hologram clip is positioned approximately where your Audience actor is looking (see Figure 12).
  4. Dial open the Opacity parameters and reduce the opacity to around 50% (see Figure 13).
  5. If it isn't already displayed, click the Edit tab to display the Edit Workspace, and then click the Effects button to display the Effects view.
  6. In the Effects text box, type Old to locate the Old Film effect.
  7. Drag the Old Film effect from the Effects view and drop it onto the Hologram clip on the Hologram track (see Figure 14).
  8. Open the Properties panel for the Hologram clip and dial open the Old Film parameters (refer to steps 1–3). Alter the parameters as you like. The default settings are about right for the Old Film effect, but you may want to play with the settings a bit to get the ideal hologram effect!
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