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From the book Bookmarks


Any PDF file longer than a few pages should have bookmarks, which appear in the Bookmarks tab on the left side of the screen in Acrobat. Bookmarks make it easy for the viewer to find a particular section of the document. In InDesign, bookmarks appear in (surprise) the Bookmarks panel, shown in Figure 13-3 (choose Bookmarks from the Interactive submenu in the Window menu).

Figure 13.3 Bookmarks Panel

Whenever you build a table of contents in a document, you can automatically add those entries to the Bookmarks panel by turning on the Create PDF Bookmarks check box in the Table of Contents dialog box (see Chapter 8, “Long Documents”). You can also add a bookmark anywhere in your document by selecting an object or placing the text cursor in some text and then clicking the New Bookmark button in the Bookmarks panel. You can name the bookmark anything you want.

As with the hyperlinks in the Hyperlinks panel, you can use the bookmarks to navigate around your InDesign document, even without exporting as PDF. To jump to a bookmark, double-click the bookmark name in the Bookmarks panel. Whenever you find yourself returning to a particular page in your document repeatedly, consider putting a bookmark there. You can always delete the bookmark before exporting the file if you don’t want it in the final PDF.

As with hyperlinks, you can build bookmarks all day long, but they won’t show up in your PDF files unless you turn on the Bookmarks checkbox in the Export PDF Options dialog box.

Sorting and Editing Bookmarks

You can move a bookmark by dragging it up or down in the list. Note that, as you drag, InDesign displays a black bar indicating where the bookmark will land when you let go of the mouse button. If you drag the bookmark on top of another bookmark, the bookmark becomes a sub-bookmark (or a second-level bookmark or a nested bookmark, or whatever you want to call it). To “unnest” the bookmark, drag it out again.

If you add one or more custom bookmarks to a document and then update your table of contents, the custom bookmarks will appear at the bottom of the list again. Oops! One way to fix this is to select Sort Bookmarks from the panel menu—this sorts the list of bookmarks chronologically by page, and alphabetically for multiple bookmarks within each page.

To rename a bookmark, select it and move the cursor slightly, or wait for a second. InDesign should highlight the bookmark name so you can edit it. If that doesn’t work, select it and choose Rename Bookmark from the panel menu.

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