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Cases and Carts

There are a zillion equipment cases out there, and you can mix and match types and configurations to your heart's content. I prefer to have the camera body and a few accessories in one case, the tripod in another, lenses in a third, and so on. If you go that way, RED's custom camera case ($600) is a solid investment (Figure 4.21). It's an off-the-shelf Pelican 1620, which already is one of my favorite cases, and it features a laser-cut foam insert designed to hold the RED ONE and a good number of accessories.

Figure 4.21

Figure 4.21 Getting my RED 1620 case custom-branded in person at RED HQ.

If you prefer a soft case, try the Petrol ( PRB-15 ($499), which is designed to hold the camera, viewfinder, and handheld-mode accessories (Figure 4.22).

Figure 4.22

Figure 4.22 Petrol PRB-15 RED soft case.

I use Tuffpack ( cases for my tripods, which go for less than $500 and can be configured with or without wheels. For optics and other accessories, I use A&J DI ( cases, which can be custom-fitted for specific accessories. They are designed to meet or exceed the Air Transportation Association specification 300, Category 1 requirements (meaning they will likely survive an overzealous baggage handler).

I also like Anvil ATA ( cases, which meet the airline standards and can be custom-fitted as well.

The RED Cart ($1,290) features a standard tripod ball base so you can mount your tripod head directly on it. It's very durable and yet collapses to a compact size for shipping. It weighs a lot (about 70 pounds), but you want something built tough to hold your camera while you mount optics and all the necessary accessories. This is a lot better than just having it on the floor or perched on a case. (The RED cart also has wheels, so you can even use it as a dolly in an extreme pinch, but I wouldn't recommend this.)

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