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Configuring the Keyboard

A standard keyboard should work after you plug it in, with no adjustments in software. You can use Control Panel's Keyboard utility to change some settings after installation.

To configure the keyboard:

  1. Choose Start > Control Panel, type keyboard in the Search Control Panel box, and then select Keyboard in the results list (Figure 4.26).

    Figure 4.26

    Figure 4.26 If you type rapidly, drag the Character Repeat sliders to the right to make your keyboard more responsive.


    Choose Start > Control Panel, switch to icon view, and then click Keyboard.

  2. On the Speed tab, update the following settings:

    Repeat Delay controls the amount of time that elapses before a character begins to repeat when you hold down a key.

    Repeat Rate adjusts how quickly a character repeats when you hold down a key.

    Cursor Blink Rate controls the blink rate of the text cursor (insertion point). To stop the cursor from blinking, set the blink rate to None.

  3. Click OK (or Apply).
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