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From the author of Step 4: Adding the Fire Clip to the Timeline

Step 4: Adding the Fire Clip to the Timeline

If you're working with the Detonation SkyFire03.Mov clip, you've probably noticed the Detonation copyright message at the start of the clip. In this procedure, you'll adjust the In-Point of the clip to remove this message, before adding the clip to the Timeline at the marker point.

Task: To adjust the In-Point of the Fire clip and add it to the Timeline, do the following:

  1. Double-click the clip in the Media view to open the clip inside a preview window (see Figure 8).
  2. Click the left-hand time display digits to highlight them; then type 00;25 (25 frames—the very start of the fire) on your keyboard (see Figure 9). Then press Enter.
  3. Click the Set In (Point) icon to tell Premiere Elements 7 that you want this point to be the first frame displayed (see Figure 10).
  4. Close the Preview window by clicking its Close button (see Figure 11).
  5. Drag the clip from the Media view to the Fire track on the Timeline. Make sure that the start of this clip lines up with the Timeline marker (see Figure 12).
  6. When the Videomerge message appears, select Yes to remove the sky-blue background (see Figure 13).
  7. Finally, shorten the fire clip so that it extends only as far along the Timeline as the ball is visible in the Preview panel (see Figure 14).
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