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From the author of Step 6: Tracking the Fire to the Movement of the Ball

Step 6: Tracking the Fire to the Movement of the Ball

When you play through the Timeline now, you should see the fire appear in the correct place, but it doesn't follow the ball. To complete this effect, you'll need to keyframe the Position parameter inside the Motion effect of the fire clip to match the movement of the flying ball. This is known as keyframe animation.

Task: Keyframe the position of the fire by following these steps:

  1. Make sure that the CTI is at the first marker, the Fire clip is selected, and the Properties view is open.
  2. Open the keyframe area by clicking the Show Keyframes button (see Figure 19).
  3. Turn on keyframes for all the Motion parameters by clicking the Toggle Animation button (see Figure 20).
  4. Press the right-arrow key on your keyboard twice to move the CTI two frames. Make sure that the Motion properties text is selected and highlighted in the Properties view and that the Motion frame in the Preview panel is visible.
  5. Click inside the frame in the Preview panel and move the fire to center it back on the ball. New keyframes will appear inside the Properties panel, corresponding to the movement you just created (see Figure 21).
  6. Repeat steps 4–5, moving two frames forward and repositioning the fire to match the movement of the ball until both have left the visible area. When you're finished, you should have a number of evenly spaced keyframes altering the position—and, if necessary, the rotation—of the fire (see Figure 22).
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