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Step 1: Setting Up Your Project

To get started, you need to open Premiere Elements 7, create a new project, and set up the Timeline. These first steps are typical when starting any project; if you've been following all the other tutorials in this series, you should be very familiar with the process by now.

Task: Set up a new project in Premiere Elements 7 by doing the following:

  1. Launch Premiere Elements 7 in the usual way.
  2. At the opening splash screen, select New Project.
  3. Create a project called Lasers_of_Doom.
  4. When the Premiere Elements interface has finished loading, click the Timeline button to switch to the Timeline view (see Figure 2).
  5. Right-click the Timeline header Video 1 and select Rename from the contextual menu (see Figure 3). Assign the new name Main_Video (see Figure 4).
  6. Repeat step 5, renaming Video 2 as Laser (see Figure 5).
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