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Replacing a TV Screen with Premiere Elements 7

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Continuing his series on enhancing your Premiere Elements 7 movies with cool custom effects, Paul Ekert, author of Creating Hollywood-Style Movies with Adobe Premiere Elements 7, shows how to replace a TV screen with your own video content.
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This mini-tutorial will show you how to replace what’s actually on your TV screen with your own content. Clearly this could be done by prerecording a scene and then outputting it to the TV with some kind of playback device. However, this method leaves you with far less creative control over the look and feel of what the audience will finally see. Creativity is returned to you courtesy of the Corner Pinning Effect and the use of multiple tracks in Premiere Elements 7.

In the next few steps, you learn how to set up the shot, create multiple tracks, apply the corner pinning effect, then copy and paste it to other tracks on the Timeline.

What Is the “Replacement TV” Effect?

For the sake of this article, the Replacement TV effect creates the visual illusion of a TV showing material of your choice, with the “viewer” flicking between two TV stations or channels. Of course, using the skills sets taught in this article, you will find it just as easy to create a video-chat on a laptop screen, or an iPhone, or even to replace the actual reflection of a mirror! In fact, once you have mastered this effect, you will probably find hundreds of ways to apply it in your very own projects.

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