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From the author of Step 2: Adding the Media to the Project and the Timeline

Step 2: Adding the Media to the Project and the Timeline

In this section, you will import your Viewer sequence (the one that shows the Remote Control) and the two Channel sequences (the ones used to replace the TV screen), and then you will add them to the Timeline.

Task: Add your media to the project and then the Timeline by following these steps:

  1. Bring your Viewer and 2 Channel clips into Premiere Elements 7 by selecting the Organize tab, clicking the Get Media button, and using one of the following methods:
    • With your camera connected to your computer, click the DV Camcorder button. Capture your footage in the usual way.
    • Click the PC Files and Folders button. Import your files in the usual way.
  2. Once the import or capture has finished, click the Edit tab to switch to the Edit Workspace; then click the Project button to display the Media view. Your captured or imported files should appear here.
  3. Drag your Viewer clip from the Media view onto the Main_Video track of the Timeline and drop it right at the start (the head) of the Timeline track (see Figure 6).
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