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From the author of Step 4: Adding the First Channel and Applying the Corner Pin Effect

Step 4: Adding the First Channel and Applying the Corner Pin Effect

It’s now time to add the first video channel and create the replacement TV illusion using the Corner Pin effect. As always in Premiere Elements 7, creating this great effect is easier than you might think.

Task: Add the first channel and apply the Corner Pin effect by following these steps:

  1. Return the CTI to the first marker using Ctrl+left or right arrow keys.
  2. Select the Edit tab and then the Projects button to display the Media view and your imported clips. Drag and Drop the first channel clip to the Channel_1 track on the Timeline (Figure 8).
  3. Now click on the Effects button to display the Effects view. Type corner into the text filter (see Figure 9). The Corner Pin effect will appear in the list.
  4. Drag and drop the Corner Pin effect from the Effects view onto the Channel 1 clip on the Channel_1 track of the Timeline (see Figure 10).
  5. Select the Channel 1 clip by clicking on it in the Timeline, then click the Properties button to display the Properties view (see Figure 11).
  6. Click on the actual text “Corner Pin” in the Properties view to display the four Corner Pin handles in the Monitor panel (see Figure 12).
  7. In the Monitor Panel, click and drag each corner pin handle so that the square matches up with your TV. Note that the square can be deformed to match a TV shot from a side angle (see Figure 13).
  8. Right click inside the Monitor panel and select Magnification > 400% (see Figure 14). Then use the bars around the edges of the Monitor panel to move around your image until you can see one of the Corner Pin handles. In this magnified state, carefully fine-tune the position of all four handles. Return the magnification to “Fit” when done.
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