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Moving Tracks

You can organize your session by moving tracks in the Mix or Edit windows.

With Audio tracks, the track position in the session determines voice assignment priority. By moving audio tracks relative to each other, you can change their priority. See the sidebar "Track Order and Voice Allocation" for more information.

To move tracks in a session:

  1. In the Mix or Edit window, select the track or tracks you want to move.
  2. Drag the selected tracks to a different position in the window (Figure 4.40).
    Figure 4.40

    Figure 4.40 To move tracks in a session, drag them in the Mix or Edit window.


    In the Tracks list, drag the track name to a new location in the list (Figure 4.41).

Figure 4.41

Figure 4.41 To move a track in a session, drag it in the Tracks list.

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