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Naming Tracks

When you create a new track, it is automatically given a name based on its track type ("Audio," "Aux," "MIDI," "Inst," "Master," or "Video") followed by a number.

When you record material into a track, Pro Tools uses the track name to automatically name audio files and their associated regions.

To rename a track:

  1. Double-click the track name (Figure 4.32).
    Figure 4.32

    Figure 4.32 To rename a track, double-click the track name.

    The Track Name dialog appears.

  2. Type a new track name in the Name area (Figure 4.33).
    Figure 4.33

    Figure 4.33 Type a name for the new track.

  3. Enter any annotations in the Comments area.
  4. To rename adjacent tracks in the session, click the Previous or Next button.
  5. Click OK.
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