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Next Turn

In a slight change of the latest nüvi software, the Next Turn (Figure 4.3) feature has been moved to the upper-left corner of the Map screen. In previous iterations of the software, the Next Turn indicator appeared in the lower-right corner.

Figure 4.3

Figure 4.3 The Next Turn indicator.

Regardless of its location, Next Turn serves a very useful purpose in the world of navigation, preparing you for that all-important next turn.

This feature is especially convenient for people who keep the voice on the nüvi muted most of the time (as I do). If you keep the voice muted because you don't like the nüvi constantly telling you where to go, you can keep an eye on this area of the Map screen to be aware of your next turn.

Tapping the Next Turn indicator brings up a 2D screen (Figure 4.4) with an overhead view of your next turn, which can be convenient when you're navigating an unfamiliar area or just aren't sure where the turn would take you.

Figure 4.4

Figure 4.4 The Next Turn detail screen.

To display a screen that provides details on the upcoming turn, tap the Next Turn indicator. The detail screen provides even more information, including the distance and time to your next turn, as well as a zoomable 2D map of the turn. You can also tap the plus and minus icons to zoom in and out. Tapping the blue down arrow takes you to the next turn; the up arrow takes you back to the previous turn. I don't recommend playing around too much in this screen while you're driving; you've got to turn in half a mile!

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