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Trip Computer

Another useful screen is the nüvi's trip computer (Figure 4.9), which you access by tapping the Arrival Time indicator area in the bottom-left corner of the Map screen. Although it looks like the dashboard of a Boeing 747, don't be intimidated: It's very useful when you get the hang of it, providing a wealth of information about your trip in one convenient display.

Figure 4.9

Figure 4.9 The trip computer screen.

On the left half of the screen is a ginormous speedometer that displays your current speed in miles per hour (oddly abbreviated "MH") or kilometers per hour, depending on your settings.

On the right, you find your mileage, which displays your mileage to date for your current trip (not since you've had the nüvi or the mileage on your car—for heaven's sake!). The second row displays your heading or "direction" and the distance to your destination. The last row displays the approximate amount of time and distance until your next turn.

You can easily reset the trip data by tapping—you guessed it—the blue Reset Trip button at the bottom.

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