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Step 3: Adding a Colored Tint

Every good HUD has some kind of color tint—red or blue or whatever you fancy. It’s there simply to remind your audience that we are now looking through an “Enhanced” mode of viewing. In this section, you will create and add a color matte to the Timeline, then reduce the opacity so the clip can still be seen underneath—fairly important if you don’t want you movie swamped by a single color.

Task: Add a color matte and reduce its opacity by following these steps:

  1. Move the CTI (Current Time Indicator) to the end of the Timeline (the tail of the last clip).
  2. If it is not already displayed, click the Project button to show the Media view, then click the New Item icon in the top right of the Media view and select Color Matte from the contextual menu (Figure 9).
  3. When the color picker appears, choose the color tint you want to use for this effect then click OK to add the matte to the Media view and the Timeline. Here an Evil Red has been selected (see Figure 10).
  4. If you positioned the CTI correctly in Step 1, the color matte will appear at the end of the POV clip. Drag and drop this clip onto the Color_Matte track of the Timeline. Make sure the head of the color matte is aligned with the head of the POV clip (see Figure 11).
  5. Make sure the CTI is over the Color Matte clip, and that the clip is selected (the top of the clip will be a dark purple color when selected). Then click on the Properties button (see Figure 12) to display the Properties view.
  6. Dial open the Opacity settings by clicking on the small triangle, then adjust the opacity to around 55 percent (see Figure 13).
  7. Finish this section by dragging the tail of the color matte down the Timeline until it is the same length as the POV clip (see Figure 14).
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