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Preparing for a Network Home Folder

You also can set up a share point to automatically be available for a network home folder for a network user. The user’s home folder can reside in any AFP or NFS share point that the user’s computer can access. The share point must be automountable—it must have a network mount record in the directory domain where the user account resides. An automountable share point ensures that the home folder is automatically visible in /Network/Servers when the user logs in to a Mac OS X computer configured to access the shared domain. Because AFP is the native file-sharing protocol for Mac OS X, and allows Mac OS X clients to reconnect to the AFP service after a temporary network disconnection, without errors, Apple recommends storing home folders in AFP share points.

When a network user logs in to a Mac OS X computer, the computer retrieves the account information from a shared directory domain on the accounts server. The computer uses the location of the user’s home folder, stored in the account, to mount the home folder, which resides physically on a home folder server. If you don’t set up a home folder for a network user account, the user cannot log in.

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