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Configuring Windows File Service

You use Server Admin to share a folder over SMB. This process is very similar to how you created an AFP share point, but it will be using the SMB (also known as CIFS) protocol to make the share point available to Windows clients.

  1. On your Mac OS X computer in Server Admin, click the File Sharing button in the toolbar, then click the Volumes button, followed by the Browse button. Navigate to and select the Shared Items folder on your boot volume.
  2. Click the New Folder button in the upper-right corner of Server Admin to create a folder inside Shared Items called Windows Services. Click Save.
  3. Select the Windows Services folder from the list. Click the Share button, and then click Save.
  4. In the Share Point pane at the bottom of the window, click the Protocol Options button, and deselect the “Share this item using AFP” checkbox.
  5. In the Protocol Options pane, choose SMB, and be sure the “Share this item using SMB” checkbox is selected.
  6. Select “Allow SMB guest access.”

    This allows SMB connections to be made to this share point without providing a user name if the SMB service has been configured to allow guest access.

  7. In the “Custom SMB name” field, type Windows.

    This is the name that clients see when they browse for and connect to the share point using SMB.

    If you append the dollar symbol ($) at the end of the Custom name, the share point will be hidden from Windows clients.

  8. Select “Enable oplocks” and “Enable strict locking.”
  9. Change the permissions model to “Assign as follows:”
    • Owner: Read & Write
    • Group: Read & Write
    • Everyone: Read Only
  10. Click OK to close the Protocol Options dialog.
  11. Click Save.
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