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Your sheet of paper

Your first handmade sheet of paper can be so exciting!

Now what to do with it? First, before you do anything with it at all—scan it. At a high resolution. Now you have a digital file of your paper that you can use over and over again. If you want to collage with this piece, you can tear it up but still have the digital image available for something like, say, a wine label.

In this Marletta wine label example, I scanned the handmade paper with a sheet of black paper over the back of it so the feather edge showed up beautifully. If the back of your scanner lid is white (mine is), you know that when you scan white pieces, it’s difficult to separate them from the background.

I touched up a couple of little areas of the paper in Photoshop, placed the TIFF image in InDesign, and set my type. To die-cut this label into the shape of the ragged edge of the paper would be formidably expensive, so I put the label on a black background to blend in with the full bottle of wine.

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