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Renaming Actions

While building a workflow, there may be times when you'd like an action's name to be a bit more descriptive than the default name. Take the Connect to Servers action, for example. Renaming this action to include the name of the server volume to which it connects would be helpful. You can rename a workflow's action in two steps.

To rename an action:

  1. Select the action in the workflow area and choose Action > Rename (Figure 4.43).

    Figure 4.43

    Figure 4.43 Renaming the selected action in a workflow.


    While holding down the 087inline01.jpg key, click the action's title bar to open the contextual menu and choose Rename (Figure 4.44).

    Figure 4.44

    Figure 4.44 Renaming an action within a workflow from the action's contextual menu.

    The action's name in the title bar becomes editable.

  2. In the field, type the desired name and press the 087inline02.jpg key (Figure 4.45).

    Figure 4.45

    Figure 4.45 Renaming the Connect to Servers action.

    The action's title bar now displays the action's new name in parentheses after the original name for the action (Figure 4.46).

    Figure 4.46

    Figure 4.46 The Connect to Servers action is renamed to Ask for Images Folder.

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