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Moving Actions

As your workflow takes shape, you may have to move actions to new locations in the workflow. Automator makes this easy.

To move an action up or down in a workflow:

  1. Select the action.
  2. Press 084inline01.jpg to move the selected action up one step, or press 084inline02.jpg to move it down one step.


    Choose Action > Move Up to move the selected action up one step or Action > Move Down to move down one (Figure 4.36).

    Figure 4.36

    Figure 4.36 Moving the selected action down in a workflow.


    While holding down the 087inline01.jpg key, click the title bar of the action to display the contextual menu and choose Move Up to move the action up or Move Down to go the opposite way (Figure 4.37).

    Figure 4.37

    Figure 4.37 Moving an action down in a workflow using the action's contextual menu.

To move an action into a specific location within a workflow:

  1. Select the action in the workflow area.
  2. Click the action's title bar, and drag it to the desired location within the workflow (Figure 4.38).
    Figure 4.38

    Figure 4.38 Dragging an action to a new location in a workflow.

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