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Assignments to try

This exercise may help you to solve the problem of colors that don't look quite right. Flowers are a good choice for this task, so we'll use those.

  1. Put a mix of white, red, and yellow flowers with green leaves in a vase against a plain background, front-lighting them with the sun. If you like, put a diffuser between the sun and the flowers to make them look nice. Frame the flowers to fill most of the viewfinder.
  2. Set your white balance to auto and take a photo. Then set it to daylight and take a photo. (Note: Sometimes it's easier to see the color differences if you put a white card in the shot or add a person's face next to the flowers to see how skin tones change.)
  3. If your camera can fine-tune the daylight preset, take another photo at each of the adjustment values for daylight white balance. Try the open shade and cloudy white-balance settings. You can run through their fine-tune adjustments as well.
  4. Bring up the results on your computer screen and note the settings that look the best to you. If your camera can save your favorite white-balance settings, save the ones you like so that you can dial them in whenever you want.
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