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Improved Tagging and Reviewing in the Photoshop Elements 8 Organizer

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Three new components of the Photoshop Elements 8 Organizer promise to make it easier to tag, analyze, and review your photos. Web design expert Jeff Carlson shows you how to save time when you're tagging, rating, and locating your images.
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With each new release of Photoshop Elements, Adobe improves the Organizer, the component that collects, tracks, and manages your photo library. Sometimes the changes are giant leaps, such as the addition of support in version 7, while other releases feature less ambitious—but not necessarily less helpful—additions.

Photoshop Elements 8 falls into the latter category, but the changes are definitely welcome. Here are three improvements that will save time when you're tagging, rating, and locating your images in the Organizer: using the Keyword Tag Cloud, auto-analyzing photos, and using the new full-screen review feature.

Using the Keyword Tag Cloud

The Organizer has long had the capability to apply keyword tags to images. By adding descriptive terms to your images, you can locate them easier later (for example, type seattle in the Search field to bring up all photos you shot in Seattle, or display all images of your spouse if you've created a tag for his or her name).

However, the normal organization of the Keyword Tags panel, with its hierarchical collapsing view, makes it difficult to see all available tags. Instead, click the Keyword Tag Cloud button in the panel to view all keywords applied to your photos in one giant paragraph. Keywords used more often than others appear sized larger (Figure 1).

Figure 1 Many photos in my library include the keywords "ellie" and "jeffcarlson," as indicated by the tags' larger size.

Click a keyword to view all photos to which the tag is applied. You can also apply keyword tags to photos in your library: Ctrl+click one or more tags and then drag them to selected images in your library.

If you want to change or delete a tag, right-click it to make it editable (Figure 2). Then, rename the tag or click the X button to remove it.

Figure 2 You can edit or delete keyword tags directly in the Tag Cloud.

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