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Reviewing Photos Full-Screen

After importing a batch of photos, one of the first things I want to do is look at them in a large-size format, to see if what I saw in the viewfinder and on the camera's small LCD matches up with the end result. The new full-screen review mode in Photoshop Elements 8 provides that enlarged size and throws in common reviewing and editing features.

Click the Display button in the upper-right corner of the Organizer and choose the option labeled View, Edit, Organize in Full Screen (or press F11) (Figure 4). Two panels are docked to the left side of the screen, which slide out of the way when you're not using them. The QuickEdit panel includes controls for applying a star rating, rotating the image, and applying automatic adjustments such as Auto Smart Fix and Auto Levels. The QuickOrganize panel lists your albums and keyword tags (in the Keyword Tag Cloud format)—click an album or tag to apply it to the current image.

Figure 4 The full-screen review includes panels that automatically hide when not being used.

Even with the quick panels present, there are faster ways of reviewing your images in this mode. Press the left and right arrow keys to switch between photos; press the keys 1-5 to apply ratings; and to apply multiple keywords at once, type them into the Tag Media field of the QuickOrganize panel separated by commas.

This feature alone makes working in the Organizer much easier for me, because I can quickly zip through an import batch and rate the photos without removing my hands from the keyboard. With that initial selection process accomplished, I can then get to work identifying which photos I want to spend more time on.

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