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From the author of #4: Smarter Defaults

#4: Smarter Defaults

The last couple of years have seen a lot of surveys and studies to figure out just how people use Drupal in day–to-day situations. Besides leading to improvements in its administration interface, they've also identified tasks that a majority of administrators do every time they install Drupal; where possible, these activities are now done automatically during installation.

To use two small examples, Drupal now assumes that you want to be able to define a piece of content's URL, and so the "Path" module is on by default; likewise, Drupal now enables the address-simplifying "Clean URLs" feature whenever possible. You can still override such behaviors, but on the whole Drupal administrators will do a lot less initial work to make their Drupal 7 sites work the way they want (see Figure 4).

Figure 4 Hooray! One fewer setting to tweak!

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