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From the author of #5: Easier, More-Flexible Content

#5: Easier, More-Flexible Content

For a content-management system, the procedure for entering content in Drupal has historically been more difficult than it needed to be. But Drupal 7 makes up for lost time with three standout features:

  • Content-creation options are in a much more accessible format, thanks to a neat visual trick called vertical tabs, as you can see in Figure 5. All the old options are there; you can still change whether a post should be linked from an always-visible menu item, for example. But instead of hiding these options under often-overlooked disclosure triangles, they're grouped together in a format that displays more information and gives you immediate feedback when you make changes.
  • You no longer need to download additional modules to put images in content. Fancy that! Four essential modules for image handling—ImageAPI, ImageField, ImageCache, and FileField—are now part of Drupal's default download.
  • You can define highly customized types of content—for example catalog pages that include fields for price, color, and size. Before Drupal 7, you needed a module called Content Construction Kit (CCK) for this functionality. Which leads us to our next big change…

Figure 5 Vertical tabs make content options more accessible.

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