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Quiz Time: Test Your Illustrator 8 Savvy

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Quiz Time: Test Your Illustrator 8 Savvy

THINK YOU KNOW ALL THERE IS TO KNOW about the latest version of Illustrator? To find out, try your hand at our Illustrator 8 quiz. You don't need a number two pencil--just click the radio button next to what you think is the answer for each of the questions below. When you get to the end, hit the "Get score" button to see how you measure up.

1. Which of the following isn't a type of Illustrator brush?


2. An art brush can be made from which of the following in Illustrator 8?

a gradient mesh
a mask
a compound path
wood and some boar's hair bristles

3. What can't you do to a brushstroke you apply in Illustrator 8?

edit the strokes as paths
apply a different brushstroke to it
change the color
accidentally smear it with your elbow

4. If you want a new brush you've created to show up in the Brushes palette of all new illustrations, where must you save it?

in the Brushes palette when no files are open
in the Brushes palette in the Adobe Illustrator Startup file
in one of Illustrator's sample brushes library
in the Brushes palette of the current illustration

5. If an Illustrator document won't print, which of the following does Real World Illustrator 8 author Deke McClelland suggest you try?

resave the file in an earlier Illustrator format
change the color mode from CMYK to RGB
expand all gradients, gradient meshes, tile patterns, and brushes
place tracing paper on your computer monitor and get out a sharp pencil

6. Creating text as a graphic in Illustrator gives you all the following advantages except:

you can quickly create effects such as drop shadows
you can turn it into a brush
you can fit it to radical curves more easily
you can easily correct the spelling

7. What's the quickest way to move all tab stops an equal distance in Illustrator 8 text?

Shift-drag the first tab stop
Option-drag the first tab stop
select the first tab stop and enter a new number in the Tab Ruler palette
hit Spacebar, Spacebar, Spacebar, Spacebar, Spacebar after each tab

8. How would you get the most precise results using the transformation tools?

begin dragging on the origin point
begin dragging as close as possible to the origin point
begin dragging as far as possible from the origin point
wave your magic wand and sprinkle some fairy dust

9. Hitting which of the following keys will make palettes and the toolbox go away?

D minor

10. To increase type size in Illustrator (on a Mac), what keyboard combo should you use?

Option-Up Arrow
Option-Right Arrow
Shift-Option-Up Arrow

BONUS: What feature does The Illustrator 8 Wow! Book author Sharon Steuer miss the most when she's creating art using traditional media?

the ability to apply different effects to the same object before settling on one
the low cost of making changes to an illustration
the ability to easily duplicate and distribute an illustration without losing any of the detail of the original

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