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Use iMovie to Share Videos on YouTube, MobileMe Gallery, and iPhone

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John Tollett shows how to use iMovie to share your videos with your pals worldwide.
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iMovie makes it crazy easy to create movies quickly and share them with other people. All you have to do is import video from your camera, create an iMovie project, drag video clips into the project, and then choose one of the sharing options from iMovie's Share menu. Let's give it a try.

iMovie's Share Menu

Some of the basic items in iMovie's Share menu are pretty self-explanatory (see Figure 1):

  • iTunes. Sends a movie to iTunes for storage and playback.
  • iDVD. Opens a movie in the iDVD application so you can create a DVD disc that will play in DVD players or on computers with a DVD drive.
  • Media Browser. Makes a movie visible and accessible in other Apple applications, such as iDVD, GarageBand, iWeb, and Keynote.
  • Export Final Cut XML. Creates an XML file that's ideal for importing into Final Cut Express or Final Cut Pro, so that you can expand your editing capabilities beyond iMovie.

For this article, we'll use some of the other Share options. The YouTube option will provide other people with almost instant accessibility to your movie published on the Internet. Next, we'll look at sharing with MobileMe Gallery. Finally, using the Export Movie option in the Share menu, we'll create a movie optimized for viewing on an iPhone.

Figure 1 Look for iMovie's Share menu when you're ready to publish a movie or share it in some other way.

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