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Share a Movie on YouTube

To share a movie on YouTube, you'll need a YouTube account. On the home page, click the Create Account link to sign up and create a YouTube username. Then follow these steps to share your movie on YouTube:

  1. In iMovie, select a movie project in the Project Library (the upper-left pane of the iMovie window).
  2. Choose Share > YouTube. iMovie displays a sheet for the details, as shown in Figure 2. Select your YouTube username in the Account pop-up menu. (If your account name isn't listed, click the Add button, type your account name in the sheet that opens next, and then click Done.)
  3. Figure 2 In the first sheet of YouTube's publish dialog, enter some basic information, choose a size to publish, and indicate whether you want the movie to be private or public.

  4. Type your YouTube password, choose an appropriate category from the Category pop-up menu, and enter a description for your movie. If desired, enter some keywords in the Tags field to help other people find your movie.
  5. In the Size to publish section of the sheet, choose a size for your movie. Keep in mind that the smaller sizes (Mobile and Medium) load faster and play better on most connections. The blue dots below the various device icons indicate which sizes should be used with each device. If certain sizes are unavailable, the original media is not large enough to be rendered in that size.
  6. If you want to restrict viewing of this movie to people who have the movie's private web address, select the option "Make this movie personal." To make the movie viewable by anyone, deselect this checkbox.
  7. Click Next. iMovie opens another sheet with a Terms of Service agreement (see Figure 3). Read the warning message. Before continuing, confirm that you own all copyrights to the video or have publishing permission from all copyright owners. Then click Publish.
  8. iMovie begins creating and uploading the movie, displaying a progress bar as shown in Figure 4.

    Figure 3 The second sheet of the YouTube publish dialog contains copyright information and reminders.

    Figure 4 After you click the Publish button (refer to Figure 3), a progress bar shows an estimate of time remaining.

    After the movie is uploaded, iMovie displays a completion message, including information about possible time delays that might occur before your movie is processed and viewable on the Internet (see Figure 5).

  9. To send an email message containing a link to the movie, click the Tell a Friend button. To visit the movie page on YouTube, click the View button. To return to iMovie, click OK.

Congratulations, you're a YouTuber!

Figure 5 YouTube alerts you to a possible delay before the movie is viewable. I seldom have to wait more than a few minutes.

Informing Friends About Movie Postings

At any time after you've posted your movie on YouTube, you can easily send an email message to a friend from iMovie, including a link to the movie on YouTube. Follow these steps:

  1. Open iMovie, select the published movie in the Project Library, and click the Edit Project button in the upper-left corner, just as you would if you were going to edit the movie.
  2. In the Edit Project pane, an information bar at the top displays a "Published to YouTube" tag (see Figure 6). To send someone an email link to this published movie, click the "Tell a friend" button on the right side of the information bar. If you want to view the movie on YouTube, click the Visit button to open Safari and go straight to the movie page on YouTube.

Figure 6 This information bar tells you where the movie is published and provides buttons to tell a friend or visit the YouTube movie page.

YouTube Gets Personal

If you chose to keep the movie private when you published your video to YouTube, you can send the movie's private web address to up to 25 friends. To view your movie, your friends will have to sign into their own YouTube accounts, and then click the web link in the email notice you sent.

To find your movie's private YouTube web address, follow these steps:

  1. Sign into your YouTube account; then click your account name link to open a pop-up menu (circled at upper right in Figure 7).
  2. Click the My Videos link.
  3. On the My Videos page that opens, click the Edit button beneath the video whose private web address you want to find (shown circled at the bottom of Figure 7).
  4. Figure 7 This YouTube page lets you find your published movie's private YouTube web address.

  5. In the Broadcasting and Sharing Options section (shown in Figure 8), click the "Limited access URL" checkbox to show the private web address for this movie. Copy the URL and paste it into your email message to send to your friends.

If you decide at some point that you no longer want to keep this video private, you can change the privacy setting by selecting the option "Share your video with the world (Recommended)" in the Broadcasting and Sharing Options for this video.

Figure 8 Change your movie's privacy settings in the Broadcasting and Sharing Options panel on your YouTube account page.

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