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Use iMovie to Share Videos on MobileMe Gallery

Of all the cool and useful features that a MobileMe membership provides, my favorite is the MobileMe Gallery, a beautifully designed gallery space where you can publish photo albums and movies with just a few clicks.

  1. In iMovie, select a movie project in the Project Library (the upper-left pane of the iMovie window).
  2. Choose Share > MobileMe Gallery. iMovie opens the sheet shown in Figure 9, where you can enter title and description information and choose one or more sizes to publish.
  3. Click Publish to upload the movie to your MobileMe Gallery page.

Figure 9 The bottom section of this Publish dialog sheet provides some privacy settings (discussed shortly).

Password-Protect Your Movie

When publishing the movie to your MobileMe Gallery, you can use the "Viewable by" pop-up menu to choose who can see the movie:

  • Everyone. With this default selection, anyone can view the movie.
  • Only me. You'll need your MobileMe password to view the movie, because the movie page won't have a link back to your MobileMe Gallery page.
  • Edit Names and Passwords. Opens the Names and Passwords window, where you can create a username and password that others can use to view the movie. For convenience, the usernames and passwords you create remain in the "Viewable by" pop-up menu. You can assign only one username and password for each movie, but the same name and password can be used for multiple movies.

When you create password-protection for a movie, the movie icon appears as a generic icon on your MobileMe Gallery page, as shown in Figure 10.

Figure 10 Private movies display this icon on your MobileMe gallery page.

When a viewer clicks the generic movie icon displayed on your MobileMe Gallery page, the sheet shown in Figure 11 opens, requesting the username and password you created for this movie.

Figure 11 Anyone who wants to view your movie must enter the name and password you assigned to the movie.

After your movie has been uploaded and published to your MobileMe Gallery, iMovie displays another sheet to notify you that your project is published and provide the web address (see Figure 12). To send an email message containing a link to the movie, click the Tell a Friend button. To open the movie page in your browser, click the View button. To return to iMovie, click OK.

Figure 12 iMovie alerts you when your movie has been published to your MobileMe Gallery.

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