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From the author of #3: Keep Things in Focus with Servo AF Mode

#3: Keep Things in Focus with Servo AF Mode

The G10 and G11 feature several ways to focus on your subjects. The FlexiZone autofocus system lets you position the AF (autofocus) frame (the focus box) over a subject; just press the shutter button down halfway to lock focus, and then press the button fully to capture the image. You can also choose to enable continuous autofocus, where the camera constantly scans the scene and adjusts focus, even when you're not ready to shoot; however, continuous autofocus drains the camera’s battery quicker.

But there's also a happy middle. Press the Menu button and navigate to the Servo AF feature, and turn it On (see Figure 2). Now, only when you press the shutter button halfway, the autofocus works continuously to maintain focus until you take the shot. This feature is especially helpful when you're shooting things in motion.

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