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From the author of #7: Retain Sky Color with Exposure Compensation

#7: Retain Sky Color with Exposure Compensation

If you've ever struggled with a compact camera's endless onscreen controls for every feature, you'll love the physical knobs on the G10 and G11. The Exposure Compensation dial rests at the left side of the camera's top, which means you can quickly adjust the exposure of your shots from -2 to +2 of the current settings.

Here's an easy use for it: If you're shooting outside and the sky is getting washed out, try knocking the Exposure Compensation dial down a third of a stop or more. Without adjusting your exposure or aperture, you can retain some color in that sky. And because the knob is right there on top, the adjustment is a flick of your thumb instead of yet another tour of the menu system (see Figure 5). Adjusting the Exposure Compensation dial quickly restores color to the sky without significantly darkening the foreground.

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