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Watching iPod Videos on Your TV

All you need is Apple’s Composite or Component AV cable (available from or your local Apple Store), which connects your iPod to your TV. It’s simple to use—connect the Dock connector to your iPod or Apple Universal Dock, then plug the video and audio cables into the AV jacks on your TV. Lastly, plug the USB cable into a USB Power Adapter or your computer. Now, go to your iPod’s Videos menu, scroll down to Settings, and press the Center button. Choose TV Out and press the Center button to change the setting from Off to On, so that when you play your video on your iPod, it will play on your TV, as well, at full size (by the way, the video looks great—nearly DVD quality). If you use the Dock, it comes with a wireless remote, so you can sit back and run the whole thing from your couch. Sweet! Note: To play videos on your iPod while it’s connected to your computer, turn off the Enable Disk Use checkbox on the Preferences Summary tab.

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