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Shooting Video on Your iPod nano

As hard as it is to believe, if you have an iPod nano, it actually has a very cool built-in video camera and audio microphone (I know. Amazing!). To shoot video, from the main menu, choose Video Camera, and you’ll see a live preview of what you’re pointing the back of the camera at. You can shoot video either wide (with the nano on its side, as shown above) or tall (for a cropped view). To start recording, just press the Center button (on the Click Wheel) and a red recording light starts blinking up in the right corner, and a timer starts to show how long you’ve been recording (if the screen is blank, your finger is probably covering the camera—don’t feel bad, it’s really easy to cover it without realizing it). To stop recording, just press the Center button again and your video is saved to your Camera Roll. To see your video, press the Menu button, and it shows you all the clips you’ve shot (in folders by date), when you shot them, and how long each clip runs. To play a video, choose it, then press the Play/Pause button on the Click Wheel. To pause or stop the video, press the same button. To delete a video, choose the video, then press-and-hold the Center button and a menu appears where you can scroll to Delete, then press the Center button to actually delete it.

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