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From the author of 6. Live Captions

6. Live Captions

In programs like Photoshop and Illustrator, you can use the File Information dialog box to edit image metadata, such as copyright information and the photographer's name. Until now, InDesign couldn't do anything with that metadata. In InDesign CS5, you can create captions that pull in an image's metadata, either while you're placing the file or after it's already been placed.

Before you generate a live caption, use the Caption Setup dialog box to determine the appearance of the caption and which metadata to display. Then select the image and choose Object > Captions > Create Live Caption. This inserts a text frame that has a special caption variable. If you move this text frame next to a different image, the metadata of that image is displayed. (Unlike a live caption, a static caption isn't updated automatically.)

Figure 6 A live caption displays the metadata of the adjacent image.

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