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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Replacing Colors

Change your hair color, or the color of the sky, or anything else you like using the Color Replacement tool replacementtool.jpg in Photoshop. You sample a pixel to identify the color you want to replace, and then paint with a new foreground color. The Color Replacement tool paints only the pixels that match the sampled color.

To replace a color:

  1. Select the Color Replacement tool, which is grouped with the Brush tool.
  2. Select a brush size and attributes in the options bar. Leave the Blending Mode set to Color.
  3. Select a Sampling option.
    • Once selects a single color, wherever you first click.
    • Continuous samples colors as you drag, so that you can change different shades as well.
    • Background Swatch replaces areas that contain the current background color, regardless of where you first click. (You can use the eyedropper to sample a color for the background color.)
  4. Select a Limits option.
    • Discontiguous replaces sampled color wherever you paint.
    • Contiguous replaces colors that are contiguous with the color immediately under the pointer.
    • Find Edges replaces connected areas and attempts to retain sharper edges.
  5. Adjust the tolerance. The higher the tolerance, the wider the range of colors that will be replaced. Use a very low tolerance if the color you want to replace is similar to the background color.
  6. Click the foreground swatch in the Tools panel, and select the replacement color in the Color Picker.
  7. Click the color you want to replace, and then drag to paint over the unwanted color. Be careful painting around the edges. If the background color is similar to the color you're replacing, the Color Replacement tool may have trouble finding the edges.
Figure 4.22

Figure 4.22 Paint with the Color Replacement tool to change the color of an object.

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