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Using the Camera Raw tabs

To restore the default settings to sliders in the Camera Raw tabs

  • Double-click a slider to restore the default value to just that slider.
  • Shift-double-click a slider to restore the Auto setting to just that slider.
  • Click Default in the Basic or HSL/Grayscale tab to reset the sliders in just the current tab to their default values (that is, to remove any custom settings).
  • Choose Camera Raw Defaults from the Camera Raw Settings menu raw_settings.jpg to reset all the sliders in all the tabs to the default settings for the camera model that was used to take the photo.
  • Learn about the Camera Raw Settings menu on the next page.
  • Hold down Alt/Option and click Reset (Cancel becomes Reset) to restore the dialog settings that were in place when the dialog was opened.

When you open a photo into Camera Raw, by default, it’s adjusted according to the built-in profile for your camera model. To assign a different collection of settings to your file or to restore the original settings, see the choices listed below.

To restore settings via the Camera Raw Settings menu

  • Choose one of these settings from the Camera Raw Settings menu: raw_settings.jpg A
  • Image Settings to restore the settings that were attached to the file from either the initial photo shoot or a prior Camera Raw session. When you first open a photo, these settings will match the Camera Raw Defaults settings.
  • Camera Raw Defaults to remove any custom settings and reapply the default settings for your camera model, your specific camera, or the ISO setting that was used to take the photo.
  • Previous Conversion to apply the settings from the prior image that was adjusted in Camera Raw.
  • Custom Settings to reapply any custom settings that were chosen since the Camera Raw dialog was opened.
  • If a user-saved preset is currently applied to the photo, that preset will be listed (see page 83).
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