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From the author of Equipment


When planning a photo shoot, the last thing to figure out is the equipment you'll need. Location, available lighting, subject, models, and concept all work together to determine the gear needed for the shoot, but that doesn't mean that your equipment has to be complicated. Sometimes just a camera and one lens will work. Maybe you'll bring along a reflector to bounce some light into the scene. At other times you might need additional lighting such as speed-lights or strobes, along with light stands and modifiers (see Figure 6).

The gear you have doesn't make or break you as a photographer. You don't need the best, most high-end camera, lights, lenses, etc. that money can buy in order to get great shots. Some of my most amazing images were photographed with just my camera. But we can't ignore the fact that, in order to create photographs, we need equipment.

Figure 6 To convey a sense of motion with the bike in this shot, I used a special camera-mounting device and a remote trigger to capture the image while I was riding.

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