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From the author of Audio/Video Integration

Audio/Video Integration

In a welcome change, Lightroom 3 treats video files as full-fledged citizens. In contrast, Lightroom 2 didn't recognize them at import. That approach created a situation where it was all too easy to delete a video off a storage card accidentally, simply because you forgot it was there. Version 3 sees the files and automatically imports them into its catalog (see Figure 6).

Figure 6 Lightroom 3 recognizes video files and automatically imports them into the catalog.

You can't edit videos in Lightroom, but the same catalog features that make Lightroom so great for organizing still images—keywords, ratings, and such metadata as date and time—can now be used to keep track of your videos (see Figure 7).

Figure 7 Once videos are added to Lightroom's catalog, you can easily organize them using star ratings, colored labels, and other metadata.

The expanded use of video doesn't end there. Slideshows can be converted to videos that leave intact the timing intervals for individual shots. In another improvement from Lightroom 2, you can include a soundtrack with the exported video, enabling others to hear your slideshow in all its multimedia glory. Lightroom 3 even gives you the option of syncing the soundtrack length to match the number of photos used in the slideshow.

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