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Playing with Type, Part 2: Baseline Shift

Another great set of tricks that you can employ when working with creative type deals with shifting the baseline of your text, as well as superscripting and subscripting characters.

Imagine that we're doing a logo treatment for a company called Megamom. We click or type out a block of text on the screen, and adjust the tracking of the letters. It looks nice, but what if we wanted to add a little more pizzazz?

The baseline is the line that you write on in a notebook. That's where all of the letters line up, and it serves as the guide for what you're typing. If you were to highlight the letters egamo and raise their baseline in the Character panel, the word would take on a completely different look—with the tops of the letters lining up.

If you start playing with size, tracking, and baseline shift all at the same time, the entire feeling of the word can be shifted, as shown in Figure 6. This technique allows for a great amount of creative control—but be very careful. The road to bad logos is paved with baseline shifts.

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