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  1. Disk Utility
  2. Drive Genius
  3. TechTool Pro
  4. DiskWarrior
  5. Choosing the Right Tool for the Job
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Choosing the Right Tool for the Job

With all the tools profiled in this article costing around the same amount of money and supporting similar basic features, how can you figure out which one to buy? Do you even need anything beyond Disk Utility?

As any handyman will tell you, the best approach is having the right tool for the job. Since all the tools I've discussed pretty much cover the basic drive and directory checking and repair features, consider your specific computing habits and needs:

  1. Do you typically work with large files (or collections of files) such as video, audio, or graphic design projects?
  2. Do you need to mass-duplicate hard drives or images?
  3. Do you have to diagnose a wide range of issues on a regular basis?
  4. Do you simply want a "tool of last resort" for when other options have failed?

Each of these questions addresses features beyond basic disk repair that you—or, if you're a technician, your users and customers—might need. A "yes" answer to one or more questions indicates which specific tool(s) would be helpful.

Questions 1–2 point to the expanded feature set of Drive Genius, which offers one-stop execution of a variety of tasks and offers the best option for reclaiming disk space without requiring a handful of different utilities. This makes a good choice for end users (although technicians may find some of its feature equally helpful).

A "yes" for question 3 suggests TechTool Pro. If you're a technician who has to diagnose a range of problems on a regular basis, TechTool is likely to become your go-to tool.

If question 4 sounds like you, go for DiskWarrior. It doesn't offer much in terms of bells and whistles for technicians or consumers, but its directory-rebuilding and optimizing capabilities are pretty much the best available. If you're looking for the best option for directory issues in general, or to complement the added features of one of the other tools, DiskWarrior is a great choice.

A final note: If you can afford to invest in multiple tools, don't limit your choice to just one. If the features of Drive Genius or TechTool Pro make it the best fit for you, purchase that tool for everyday use, and get DiskWarrior as a backup. Technicians and IT departments are best equipped with a range of tools.

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